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About Subway :

Subway is the one of the top fast food restaurant in the world. Basically it is American based company. It was established in the year of 1965. The founder of Subway is  Fred DeLuca.

Items at Subway:

Subway is mainly offering two types of fast foods. Those are subs (sandwiches) and salads.

Subs: In some places subs is also called as sandwiches. Subway is offering different types of subs those are Chicken & Bacon ranch melt, Cold cut combo, Black forest ham, Italian B.M.T, Meatball marinara, Oven roasted chicken, Pizza sub melt, Roast beef. The bread which is using in Subways to make subs it having  Calcium and Vitamin D so when you eat a 6-inch sub, you will get equivalent to a glass of milk and in 9 Grain Wheat has 24 grams of whole grain per 6-inch.

Salads: Subway is also offering different types of tasty and fresh salads. Those are Black forest ham salad, chicken & bacon ranch salad, Cold cut combo salad, Italian B.M.T salad, Meatball marinara salad, Oven roasted chicken salad, Roast beef salad, rotisserie style chicken salad.

How to order:

Choosing bread: First we have to choice sandwich or bread if we want sandwich there is two different types of bread is the one is baked bread or flatbread. After choosing bread type we have to choose the flavor wich we want and which we likes.

Flavor: This is more fun part because Subways having flavors like meat, cheese, veggies and also there is cold cuts and melts are there. So second part in choosing we need to choose one of them. Next is choosing extra cheese if any one like more cheese they can order more cheese.  

Veggies: There are different types of vegetables are available to add to your sandwich like there is sliced cucumber is there and sliced tomato is there and sliced onions, crunchy green bell peppers and spinach are there to add. After choosing vegetables next sauce selection.

Sauce selection : Subway is offering different types of tasty sauces like ranch mayonnaise, regular mayonnaise, Oil and chipotle southwest are available to add to your meal.

If we add all these almost subway will be ready to eat and next choose your favorite beverage to you meal and enjoy the taste of subway.