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About company

Pop-Tarts is a brand  Kellogg Company introduced in 1964. Pop-Tarts have a sugary filling sealed inside two layers of thin, rectangular pastry crust. Most varieties are also frosted. Although sold pre-cooked, they are designed to be warmed inside a toaster or microwave oven. They are usually sold in pairs inside Mylar packages and do not require refrigeration.

Pop-Tarts is Kellogg’s most popular brand to date in the United States, with millions of units sold each year. They are distributed mainly in the United States, but also in Canada, Finland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand. Pop-Tarts were discontinued in Australia in 2005 and brought back in 2014 with two flavors: Strawberry Sensation and Chocotastic.

Pop-Tarts are produced in dozens of flavors, plus various one-time, seasonal, and “limited edition” flavors that appear for a short time.

Pop-Tarts are high in calories and low in nutritional content. Each individual Pop-Tart contains a minimum of 13 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fat. They also have a large amount of high fructose corn syrup. The American Heart Association (AHA) says that daily allotted sugar for men should be no more than 36 grams, women no more than 24 grams and depending on the age of the child no more than 23 grams.

In the mid-1990s, Pop-Tarts introduced Pastry Swirls, which were more similar to Toaster Strudels. They were bigger and thicker than regular Pop-Tarts, with less icing, and came in flavors like Cherry Cheese Danish and Cinnamon Cream. They did not do as well and were discontinued in 2001.

In 2002, Kellogg introduced Snak-Stix, a portable break-apart version intended as an after school snack for kids. The new product was launched with a massive media tie in with the American Idol TV show and live tour. It did not sell well and was discontinued only a year later.

2005 saw the release of “Ice Cream Shoppe” flavors, which came in ice cream related flavors such as hot fudge sundae but also featured 25% less sugar than standard Pop-Tarts. They were discontinued in 2012.

In 2006, Kellogg introduced a version of the product known as Go-Tarts. These were thicker, narrow, and wrapped individually. Go-Tarts were discontinued in 2008.

Pop-Tarts Splitz were produced from 2007 to 2012. These featured two separate flavors in one pastry, split down the middle. Flavors included chocolate-vanilla and strawberry-blueberry.

Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps were introduced in 2011. They were a tiny, bite-sized version with no fruit filling, only flavored pastry with frosting. They were sold in single serving 60-calorie pouches. They are currently discontinued.

Pop-Tarts announced to launch its breakfast on-the-go snack with three new flavors based on Jolly Rancher candy: green apple, cherry, and watermelon.