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About company

Chilly Cow, a new brand of light ice cream that actually tastes like ice cream and exists to free the world from the soullessness of healthy desserts. Chilly Cow will hit grocery stores nationwide this month with amazing taste and texture, thanks to a game-changing ingredient: ultra-filtered milk.

North Wales based Award Winning Artisan Ice Cream producer, using our own welsh milk for fresh delicious home made ice cream.

Crafted for people who are fed up with “healthy” dessert options that never taste as good as the real thing, Chilly Cow ditched the milk protein concentrate nonsense other lower-calorie products in the freezer aisle use, and instead uses ultra-filtered milk. Chilly Cow has 55 percent fewer calories, 70 percent less fat and 60 percent less sugar than regular ice cream.

“We know that inside every health-conscious person, is a person who still wants that soul-soothing ice cream experience—and the current, chalky-tasting light ice creams out there just aren’t delivering,” says Joshua Tubbs, brand manager for Chilly Cow. “That’s why Chilly Cow is here to save the world with the first light ice cream that actually tastes like the real thing.”

Ultra-delicious, ultra-creamy Chilly Cow ice cream will soon be available in seven flavors, including:

Brown Butter Salted Caramel: With a name like Brown Butter Salted Caramel, no one will believe this sweet-and-salty flavor is 190 calories. Not even your taste buds.
Chocolate Brownie Batter: If you love to lick the brownie batter bowl, this will have you licking the bottom of the half-pint.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: This light ice cream is ultra-smooth and ultra-delicious, but there’s no way to do the same thing with cookie dough, right? Wrong.
Mint Dark Chocolate Chip: The best-tasting “green superfood” out there. After all, Chilly Cow can’t think of another one that comes with delicious dark chocolate chips.
Cookies N’ Cream: You’re already eating ultra-delicious light ice cream, so why not mix in some chocolate cookie pieces too? After all, ice cream isn’t the only dessert your soul misses.
Sweet Cream Peanut Butter: Smooth and creamy peanut butter, meet smooth and creamy ice cream. Wow, you two have so much in common! Some things were just meant to be.
Vanilla Graham Swirl: Remember your favorite after-recess snack as a kid? Cool, now mix it with your favorite flavor of ice cream. It probably tastes something like this.